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If you don't like online forms, feel free to send me an email to . 

Here's some info that may help you with your enquiry.

1. I don't perform at weddings. I think people have been sat long enough without having to listen to yet another bloke ramble on!

2. If you want me for an event that already has a date set, it's nearly always likely that I am already committed to an event of some sort or family stuff.

3. Congrats on deciding to run the marathon! Now it seems many, many, many of you are stressing about raising the funds to do it as I'm getting a lot of messages about raising the dough for you! Unfortunately, I don't have time before the big day (see point 2) and if you're gonna run it, do it for a charity that doesn't pay a chief exec hundreds of thousands! 

Kernow King - Live in Cornwall!

Geddon down and join me live for some of my gigs, here's what's coming up:

For more events and to book tickets, geddon over here.